tools for building parsers in Racket
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#! /usr/bin/racket
#lang racket
; prefix-tree based tokenizer
(struct PFTree
(root children)
(define (str-head str)
(if (= (string-length str) 0) (integer->char 0)
(string-ref str 0)))
(define (str-tail str)
(if (= (string-length str) 0) (integer->char 0)
(substring str 1
(string-length str))))
(define str-heads (curry map str-head))
(define str-tails (curry map str-tail))
(define (prefixes strs)
(map cons
(str-heads strs)
(str-tails strs)))
; Create a prefix-tree from a list of strings
(define (prefix-tree strs)
(match strs
[(list x) x]
(define ps (prefixes strs))
(define sorted-ps
(sort ps #:key car char<?))
(compose1 not false?)
(lambda (group)
(define sub-tree
(caar group)
(map cdr group))))
(match sub-tree
[(PFTree #\nul #\nul) #f]
[_ sub-tree]))
(group-by car sorted-ps)))]))
; Compress linear runs of nodes in a prefix-tree
; such that they are single nodes with the entire suffix left
(define (compress pftree)
(match pftree
[(PFTree (? char? left) (? string? right))
(format "~a~a" left right)]
[(? string?) pftree]
[(PFTree root (list (PFTree subroot rest)))
(PFTree (format "~a~a" root subroot) (compress rest))]
[(PFTree root rest) (PFTree root (compress rest))]
[(list (PFTree _ _) ...) (map compress pftree)]))
(define (matches-uncomp pftree text)
; Get matches for an uncompressed pftree
(define possible-match
(string? pftree)
(string=? text pftree)) (list text)]
(string? pftree)
(not (string=? text pftree))) (list #f)]
(define found
(lambda (pft)
(match pft
[(PFTree r _)
(char=? r (str-head text))]
[_ (list #f)]))
(define matched
(if (not (false? found))
(car found)
(list found)))
(match matched
[(list #f) (list #f)]
[_ (cons (PFTree-root matched)
(PFTree-children matched)
(str-tail text)))]
[else (list #f)])]))
(if (not possible-match)
(list #f)
(if (andmap (compose1 not false?) possible-match)
(list #f))))
'["abc" "art" "dart" "artsy" "damn"])
"artsy yeah")