XChat plugin for synthesizing speech of chats
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Note: this plugin requires my fork of python-espeak to properly display the list of available languages
Don't be surprised if you get an exception when you try to do "/ircspeak langlist"

Put irc_speak.py in your .xchat2 directory (usually ~/.xchat2)
Install either python-synth (https://github.com/nisstyre56/python-synth) or python-espeak (https://launchpad.net/python-espeak)
In both cases it should be as simple as "python setup.py"

If you're using python-synth:

" git clone http://github.com/nisstyre56/python-synth.git " to get a copy of the source

/help ircspeak

Setting a new user:
/ircspeak set --help

Deleting a user:
/ircspeak del <user>

Listing users:

/ircspeak list

Saving your options:
/ircspeak save

Get a list of all available languages:
/ircspeak langlist