An experiment in parentheses-free lisp (in JavaScript)
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JLambda is a functional language in the spirit of languages such as Scheme, SML, or Clean. It aims to have a very flexible syntax and a clean and easy to understand type system. Another goal is to generate very efficient JavaScript code and possibly native code as well. Currently the type system is still being conceived, and the various parts that conspire to generate actual code are being written and will likely change quite a bit. It is possible to parse code and generate a pretty printed version of it (see example.jl for what the syntax looks like at the moment).

JLambda also aims to support concurrency which will be built on a continuation-passing style intermediate language. I have not figured out how scheduling threads will work, or whether I will provide any programmer directed way of scheduling (i.e. yield).


git clone
cd JLambda
npm install


cd server
yarn repl # starts the local read-eval-print loop
yarn server # starts a web app with an interactive REPL