Lazily plays media
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Note: this is pretty terrible code, it was written while I was still learning Racket, so if anything it needs refactoring

Alter lazyplay.sexp to tune the paths to your computer
Configure lazyplay.sexp with the file extensions you want and the arguments you want
Then move lazyplay.sexp to /etc/lazyplay.sexp (make sure it is readable by your user)
Change the arguments for mplayer between files via the terminal input (this will be started when you run lazyplay.rkt)

> cmds -fs

This will make mplayer (or whatever player you have configured LP to use) use the fullscreen argument on the rest of the files
If you want to change it back to using no arguments, then just use the "cmds" command again.

If you want to add a new file to the playlist:

> add /foo/bar.avi

If you want to remove a file from the playlist:

> rm bar.avi (bar.avi can be a regular expression)

If you want to change to a different working directory:

> chdir /foo/bar

If you want to selectively add files from a directory:

> ls /foo/bar

Then add 1 2 3 ... and so on (the number of each file listed)