A Very Simple X11 Window Manager
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What is this?

A very simple X11 window manager written in Nim, and inspired by TinyWM and XMonad.

How to build it?

Install nim and nimble and run nimble build. You must have XLib development headers on your system (and obviously an X server).

How to run it?


  • Install Xephyr
  • Make sure you have a running X server Then run these commands to launch Xephyr.
Xephyr -ac -screen 1280x1024 -br -reset -terminate 2> /dev/null :1 &
env DISPLAY=:1 ./nimwin


Put exec /path/to/nimwin in your ~/.xinitrc

How to launch a window?

If you want to run xterm, for example, just set NIMWIN_LAUNCHER to a launcher (e.g. dmenu), and then type Alt + p to invoke it.

How to move windows

alt + right click allows you to resize, alt + left click allows you to move, ctrl + alt + return opens an xterm, and alt + tab cycles through windows, changing the focus each time. alt + t makes a window full-screen.