Code for my automatic plant watering device and temperature/humidity sensor.
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Solar powered plant watering

This is the code for my prototype automated plant watering system, which uses two pumps to automatically water my plants, and also monitors the ambient humidity and temperature.

Hardware Required

  • A development board with any Espressif SoC (e.g., ESP32-DevKitC, ESP-WROVER-KIT, etc.)
  • A USB cable for Power supply and programming
  • Some jumper wires to connect GPIOs.

Configure the project

Build and Flash

Build the project and flash it to the board, then run the monitor tool to view the serial output:

Run -p PORT flash monitor to build, flash and monitor the project.

(To exit the serial monitor, type Ctrl-].)

See the Getting Started Guide for full steps to configure and use ESP-IDF to build projects.